Ondro Mihalyi

Ondro is a software developer and consultant specializing in combining standard and proven tools to solve new and challenging problems. He’s been developing in Java and Java EE for 9 years.

As a Scrum Master and experienced Java EE developer and trainer, he’s helped companies to build and educate their development teams, improve their development processes and be flexible and successful in meeting client requirements.

He’s a core member of Payara and MicroProfile opensource projects and a leader of Czech JUG. He loves working with the Jakarta EE community and would welcome anyone to contribute to Payara, MicroProfile, Jakarta EE as well as to any other opensource project in the Java ecosystem.

Jakarta EE Expert Panel

Day 2 - 28th Nov 13:30-14:20 Main Hall #Influencers Discussion Novice Ondro Mihalyi, Werner Keil, Dmitry Kornilov, Otavio Goncalves de Santana, Emily Jiang, Reza Rahman

Discuss the future of Jakarta EE with the main people behind it!


Be reactive and micro with a MicroProfile stack

Day 3 - 29th Nov 11:30-12:20 Hall 7 #CM Advanced Advanced

MicroProfile, RxJava, React.js – what else do you need to build lightweight but robust reactive systems efficiently with open source tools? Maybe something for effective data processing and distributed persistence? You can have it with Kafka and Hazelcast. Now let’s have a look at how to assemble all together in almost no time, using Payara Micro. You’ll learn how to use a couple of simple tools to build a highly efficient, scalable and robust system that can be evolved continuously to meet rapidly changing needs and increasing loads.


5 Agile Steps to building Elastic and Cloud-ready apps

Day 2 - 28th Nov 10:30-11:20 Main Hall #Influencers Advanced

Do you want to know how to build modern and scalable applications, while focusing on its business value? You’ll learn how to develop an agile evolutionary architecture which allows delaying unnecessary technical decisions until the time it’s safe to make them. MicroProfile features will get us started quickly. Start simple and easily refactor to improve the important parts later. Open source implementations of MicroProfile like Payara Micro add further flexibility; it can range from simple messaging to Apache Kafka or Amazon SQS for high performance messaging; from simple config files to distributed config. Come to learn how to think flexibly and adapt to the future.

In a live demonstration, you’ll see how an example application can be evolved gradually to deliver business value quickly and how to add new features later. You’ll learn how to evolve the application according to changing requirements without creating a ball of mud in the future.