Dmitry Kornilov

Software engineer with over over 20 years of experience in design and implementation of complex software systems, defining systems architecture, team leading and project management.
Oracle employee, EE4J Project Management Committee member, JCP Star Spec Lead, JSON-P/JSON-P/Yasson projects lead.

Helidon Hands-On

All Days,Day 3 - 29th Nov 10:30-12:20 All Halls,Master Class Hall Advanced Dmitry Kornilov, Tomas Langer

Create you very first Helidon-SE and Helidon-MP microservice!

Helidon: Java Libraries for Writing Microservices

All Days,Day 1 - 27th Nov 16:20-17:10 All Halls,Hall 3.2 #J2D Novice Novice Dmitry Kornilov, Tomas Langer

Come learn about developing microservices using Helidon. Helidon is an open source project led by Oracle. Helidon contains a collection of Java libraries for building microservices. In this session we will talk about two programming models supported by Helidon: lightweight, functional model using JDK as runtime for those wanting less “magic” and Microprofile for those wanting inversion of control and familiar Java EE APIs. We will show how to quickly create your first Helidon application which uses both programming models.